Black History Month 2021 ‘Modern Greats’ – Resources

October is Black History month and during assemblies at Oasis Academy Media City, we have been focusing on the theme of ‘Modern Greats’ trailblazers making an impact by breaking the glass ceiling for future generations.


  • Guest speakers from the North west, including Kemoy Walker MBE, Cristina Taylor CEO of AIM SKY HIGH (ASH)
  • Workshops focused on Heritage, culture and identity to run throughout the academic year with the Race Trust
  • The talks from black students in HE/aspirational careers are back on this year through GM Higher. The project aims to bring together current University of Manchester Black students and Black school pupils to critically reflect and share their lived experiences as a Black student
  • With Insight, a course through Christine Kinnear’s ‘With Insight’, that will help students successfully apply to the UK’s leading Universities. Mentored by Black heritage University students they’ll visit Manchester University campus, and get a taste for what they could be working towards.

Next Steps

We will continue to proactively build a school experience and curriculum that supports all children and young people to become people of good character who are active and inclusive. In addition, we will ensure that within our curriculum we are focused on postive representation from Black and Global Majority backgrounds and auditing our current curriculum to ensure that it is not creating or sustaining a culture that stems from colonialism or systems of oppression. See Curriculum update and Anti-racist Audit


I have included some generic slides that I have used for assemblies this year. Feel free to use, modify and share.

Subject specific resources / links


Alt History: Black British History We’re Not Taught in Schools – BBC Stories – YouTube

Discovering the First Black Briton and Race in the Roman Era, with Mary Beard | Black and British – YouTube

The First Black Parliamentarians in our Times – Black History Month 2021

Black History Month website:


Booker Prize 2019: Bernardine Evaristo – YouTube

Maya Angelou – Mini Biography – Biography


Shirley Ann Jackson – 2014 National Medal of Science – YouTube

Biography: Otis Boykin – YouTube


Health and Social Care

BBC iPlayer – Our Black History Heroes – Series 1: 1. Mary Seacole


7 amazing black explorers who made a mark in history – Face2Face Africa

Alt History: Black British History We’re Not Taught in Schools – BBC Stories – YouTube

Egalité for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution – YouTube

Discovering the First Black Briton and Race in the Roman Era, with Mary Beard | Black and British – YouTube

Black Poppies: Britain’s black community and the Great War | The National Archives


9 Black composers who changed the course of classical music history – Classic FM

Who is Billie Holiday? Educational Biography for Students (Black History Videos) – YouTube

Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, L’Amant Anonyme – YouTube


Ten black British artists to celebrate | Art UK

Barbara Walker’s ‘I Was There IV’ | Art UK


The first person to reach the north pole

Who Was the First Person to Reach the North Pole? | National Geographic – YouTube


Black History Month- Jesse Owens – YouTube

James Peters the 1st Black Rugby Player (


Biography: Otis Boykin – YouTube

Media Studies

Chadwick Boseman Tribute – YouTube



The Guardian 100 Inspiring teachers

I am delighted to announce that I have been shortlisted for the 100 inspiring Teachers campaign for The Guardian and @GuardianLabsUK partnering with the Get into Teaching (department of education). The article is now published, focused on positive Black representation in education and the Anti-Racist approach implemented within Oasis Community Learning, used to tackle institutionalised racism in and beyond our schools. See the full article below;

Out of 21,356 headteachers in England, only 277 are Black! Who are they?

BGM headteachers. Left to right: 1) Matt Jones 2) Ava Sturridge-Packer 3) David Hermitt 4) Diana Osagie 5) Jacqueline Newsome 6) Paul Mundy-Castle

Before starting my masters in educational leadership and enrolling on the BME leadership development programme, I have never heard of or met Black Headteacher/Principle. Within the school environment, black staff are typically represented in non-teaching roles such as; classroom assistance, pastoral staff, lunch time supervisors and cleaners. This was the spark to dig deeper into the rabbit hole and research into the under-representation of Black senior leaders in Education.  Click here to read report.

There are currently 21.356 headteachers  in England, however, only 277 are black. The statistics present a major concern; the ratio of Black and global majority (BGM) leaders to BGM students is disproportionate compared to that of their White counterparts.  On a positive note, Black headteachers do exist and are flying the flag and contributing towards changing the narrative of the Black and Global Majority representation in education. They are living proof that the concrete ceiling can be broken and have laid the foundation for the future generation of BGM majority teachers. Here are some of the BGM practitioners identified as senior leaders in England. Please feel free to add to the list;



  • David Hermitt
  • Diana Osagie
  • Paul Mundy-Castle
  • Patrick Cozier
  • Matt Jones
  • Jackie Ranger
  • Alison Kriel
  • Ava Sturridge-Packer
  • Marva Rollins
  • Allana Gay
  • Adewoye Yomi
  • Fumni Alder
  • Ms K Campbell

Updated List (* BGM)


  • Sonia Potter
  • Nadine Bernard
  • Monica Duncan
  • Tina Haracksingh
  • Sam Hoyer
  • Increase Eko
  • David Watson
  • Dr Dayo Olukoshi
  • Susan Service
  • Nav Sanghara*
  • Juliet Wright
  • Dean Gordon
  • Yana Morris
  • Christine Raymont-Hall*
  • Ken Johnson
  • Umbar Sharif*
  • Mitzi Nichol
  • Paulette Osborne
  • Nigel Oram
  • Sonia Potter
  • Qamar Riaz*
  • Nadine Bernard
  • Monica Duncan
  • Tina Haracksingh
  • Vijita Patel*
  • Nicole Haynes
  • Janet Sheriff
  • Vijita Patel*
  • Alison Moise-Dixon
  • Shelly-Ann Goulbourne
  • Leon Wilson
  • Michael Barry
  • Karen Giles
  • Joanne L Herbert
  • Devon Hanson
  • Selwyn Calvin
  • Hayden Abbott
  • David Bromfield
  • Nicholas Obie
  • Paul Quinton
  • Ken Morris
  • Tonnie Read
  • Joan Deslandes
  • Pauline Osborne
  • Catherine Ryan
  • Martha Holder
  • Paul Quinton
  • Mohsen Oja
  • Desmond Taylor
  • Patricia Young
  • Dean Gordon
  • Heather Phillips

Investing in the Diversity of Black and Global Majority Leaders in Schools

Dwain Brandy and Rosemary Campbell-Stephens MBE

The groundbreaking Investing in Diversity training was set up by Rosemary Campbell-Stephens,  specifically for practitioners of Black and Global Majority (BGM) heritage. This bespoke leadership programs has been effective due to the personalised approach breaking the legacy of previous ‘colorblind’ leadership programs that have failed to address the barriers that exclude BGM practitioners from achieving a leadership position in education.

This weekend I was delighted to be involved in the Authentic Leader BGM development residential. The programme built on the investing and diversity legacy with a focus on authenticity and the principles of success in leadership. Hosted by Rosemary Campbell-Stephens, on behalf of the BGM leadership development programme, organised by David Hermitt, the CEO of Congleton Multi-Academy Trust .

Being surrounded by influential practitioners of BGM heritage, that have progressed to become  CEO’s of MATs, Head Teachers, and OFSTED inspectors was empowering. The event covered topics such as social context, moral purpose and cultural awareness . These are examples of a personalised approach to help BGM practitioners to overcome barriers to promotion.

Current statistics show that only 13% of teachers and 6.9% of senior leaders in England are BGM.  The BGM leadership development programme was funded by the National College of Teaching and Learning as an initiative to increase practitioners in leadership positions

Upcoming BGM leadership events;

NUT Black Teachers’ Conference 3- 5th  November 2017

NUT Equal Access to Promotion – 24-25 November 2017 – Residential

Diana Osagie Courageous leadership: Keep checking website for new events and dates

Hannah Wilson: Diverse Educators