Cultural Day 2023-2024

I couldn’t be prouder to share our experiences from the 2023-2024 Cultural Day. This annual event has come a long way since its inception in 2021, when our students recognised the need for more significant celebration and representation of the global majority’s cultures.

Current statistics reveal that only 10% of modules in Britain refer to Global Majority contributions, and a mere 5% of exams feature authors from a Global Majority heritage. These numbers highlight the need for initiatives like our Culture Day.

Our Culture Day was inaugurated by none other than Salford’s ceremonial mayor, Gina Reynolds. Her presence underscored the importance of this event not just for our school but for the wider community. We owe a special thank you to SACRE, Oasis Hub, and Kemoy Walker and Team Kyso for their invaluable contributions. They provided entertainment and workshops that allowed our students to showcase their cultural roots and bring their authentic selves to the forefront.

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